A spyware-free alternative to WinZix


The .torrent file previously available for download here has been compromised!

In december of '09, the website was hacked. I detected this fairly quickly and took steps to clean it up, but failed to detect that the .torrent file had been tampered with. I recently discovered that it had been altered to use malware trackers instead of the one I assigned. Damn hackers! Damn them to hell!

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you use the direct download link on this page instead of using the .torrent file.

Furthermore, please stop seeding it if you've downloaded UnZixWin using a BitTorrent Client!


Many people have reported problems with the installation utility. Symptoms include having to repeatedly restart the system to no effect, and stupid prompts about replacing newer versions of system DLL's with older ones.

I have attempted to rectify the problem by removing the components which apparently cause confusion to some system setups. Those components are clearly in place on the target systems anyway. Try the new installer if you have experienced problems with the previous one. It's a much smaller download, to boot.

The new version 0.1.0 is largely untested, but offers multiple-file extraction support, a fresher user interface, and some other niceties of minor importance. If you have version 0.0.9, this update isn't strictly necessary, but I offer it as a service by request.


UnZixWin is a small Windows-based utility (I don't have the gall to call it an application) I wrote after dissecting the format of a few ZIX archives found on popular bittorrent sites. Written in Visual Basic 6.0, it is crude and simple, but gets the job done.

It opens ZIX archives, presents a list of the contents, and lets you selectively extract whatever is inside. As a bonus, it warns you about some commonly known virus-infected things occasionally found inside. That's really all it does. That's all it needs to do.

I would include a snazzy screenshot here, but it's so crude and ugly that it's frankly embarrassing.


Rationale and History

There used to be a long, rambling and slightly self-congratulatory section right here on how I discovered the format of ZIX archives, and the development of the utility. It isn't particularly interesting. If you're interested in this type of minutia, go here .


Release History

Release Date Version Details
July 2009 0.1.0 Added multiple-file extraction, and fixed a bug which caused UnZixWin to minimize itself when the progress dialog closed. Major UI overhaul.
November 2007 0.0.9 Fixed problematic installer, plus removed exclusive access requirement on the target file.

Handles ZIX 2.0 files correctly.
Also, decodes 3wPlayer-encoded AVI files.


Never released. Minor fixes.

  0.0.7 Huge file support added
  0.0.6 Handles folder hierarchies in the manifest
  0.0.5 Initial release




New Version
 (0.1.0 Beta):

Download (ZIP file, 1.44 MB)

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